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Lena Townsend is a Registered Metaphysical Practitioner (RMP) with the World Metaphysical Association (WMA). Lena also serves as a Membership Coordinator on the WMA Executive Board of Directors. She is a Certified Tarot Master and has been reading Tarot for over ten years. Lena is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Ordained Minister. You may also find Lena writing as the Topeka Psychic Examiner on Examiner.com or working on various projects relating to her many intrests.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The moment we begin to overlook the simplicity of the world around us we subject ourselves to the possibility of future regret. In the complexity, we can see the details that may keep us alert and focused but in the simplicity, we are able to understand the details. Yes, in a way, this sounds like double-talk but in reality, it is a truth that some part of us has connected to all along.

Let’s look at nature for a moment, a seed; it is the most basic of living things, simple and still. When planted, and allowed to bask in the natural elements of earth, air (the wind), fire (the sun), and water, it can become a life-giving source on its own. This plant can provide oxygen, beauty, and food for insects, animals, and people. If left to seed it can provide a farm full of plants. This piece of nature is quite complex but at the same time it is a basic simplicity.

There are times in life that we cannot see passed the chaos of the everyday grind that we all have to endure in order to embrace the beauty of the stillness that can be found within us. The simple gift of inner calm can be a place to visit in times of anxiety and stress. It can be a place where we can find forgiveness, understanding, and love.

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves rushing around trying to get everything done, to save time, when in reality once we find that extra time we fill it with some other task that we know needs done. Do not misunderstand… I am not saying we should put off what needs to be done or procrastinate, I am saying we need to slow down and go with the flow.

It is in the stillness of our hearts and minds that we grow closer to spirit, that we are more like spirit. In this very stillness answers can come, along with healing, a deeper understanding of life, and the truth of whom and what we really are. This is the space and time that is most like that of the spirit world. This is the part of us that is fully aware, our own inner-spirit.

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise
Photo by Paul Rockers

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset