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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Curses, are they real?

In the movies when a witch or warlock casts a spell, there are often lights, or glimmer, and big puffs of smoke. Sometimes you will see a trail of leaves floating gently in a circle across the sky and landing upon the one the magic was sent to. It does not really work that way in real life but magic is indeed at work everywhere.

The magic to be discussed here is not illusions, or tricks to fool you into believing one way or another, rather, it is the power within. Anyone can perform this magic, in fact; many do it without even knowing what they are doing or the consequences that may follow.

Curses are indeed a part of the magic that lives in this world. Many do not realize they are walking around with a curse upon them and they may themselves be imposing that same curse on another without even knowing it.

Children are extremely vulnerable to the curses of this type. If a child is told often that they are bad, they may truly feel no self-worth and begin to believe that they are bad. This is where the magic comes in; they believe it so they become it. Yes, it is a choice, but how often do you make a choice that is right when you cannot see all of your options?

A wife, with an abusive spouse, may truly believe that she is not good enough, or that she is crazy because she hears these words repeatedly as she is slowly torn into bits and pieces. Her heart wants only to be loved and accepted by the one she believed to love her, the one she thought she could trust, yet in the end she is cursed with the belief that no one could love her, she could do no better than what she has now.

This type of magic works for good as well, not just a curse. Think of the times that you were told how smart you were, or sexy, or how you could do anything and in reality you found yourself lifted to the point of accomplishing things you once thought you could not accomplish.

It is indeed by magic that this happens. It is your own power, your own faith. While many merely relate faith to religion or some occult practice, here it is a spiritual tool working within the spirit of ones personal self.

Each person is designed and therefore destined to be unique, yet somehow, the same laws of nature and the universe bind them all. They are all vulnerable to the curses that are carelessly thrown about and anyone can fall victim to a curse that brings them down.

Even society imposes these curses on individuals by implying that if one does not look a certain way, make a certain amount of money, or have the “perfect” relationship there must be something wrong with them, they are damaged goods, or are somehow broken and cannot be fixed.

A curse can be broken; a spell can be changed, by the choices one makes in their life. A person is not destined to be destitute they choose to be. No one is destined to be without love in their life, they choose to be alone by either pushing others away consciously or unconsciously.

So, how is it that one is to grow beyond the curse or break the spell? Do you have to have a specialist to do it? Is it possible to get rid of a curse completely?

It is possible that one will have to go through some professional sources to help them deal with the curses that have been placed upon them over the years. Some issues from childhood can be extremely difficult to face and work through.

If you had a traumatic childhood, a history or mental illness, or addictive tendencies it is important that you seek professional help before trying to face your past head on to find what curses lead you to where you are now.

Recognizing the curses is the first step in removing them. A perfect example would be the abused woman that escapes her abusive husband only to constantly hear in her mind the hurtful words he drilled into her. Maybe he said, “You will never have anything without me, no car, no home, no love, nothing. You will always be a nobody. You will never be good enough for anyone else. You were lucky to have me.”

The woman could choose to allow these things to go deep within her and become a curse so that they lead her to a life of gloom and despair. She could end up never being with anyone else, or having a home or a car, then again, she could end up avoiding the curse by believing that she is more and can have more.

All curses work the same way, they only have power if you give them power. If you believe in it, you could find some sort of protection spell or ritual that will allow you to protect you from the curse, help you move beyond the curse, or send it back to where it came from. Are you doomed to a life of misery and heartache if you do not believe in spells or the power of rituals? The answer is, “No, you are not destined to be miserable and heartbroken.

You can overcome anything that comes your way even self-imposed curses. The first thing you must do in order to rid yourself of the curses that may be hindering your growth is to become aware. Know yourself, know what it is that binds you, and then acknowledge the fact that these are curses that can be removed, they are not permanent fixtures in your being.

Soon everything will be very clear, past, present, and future. Then, slowly but surely, you will find a happier journey to a more peaceful and successful life.

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Winter Sunrise
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Winter Sunset