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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grieving for a loved one

I recently had a conversation with a client that had lost someone that they loved very deeply. It is always hard to know what to say to someone that is grieving the loss of a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, or a best friend. Most of the time, we offer condolences by saying that we are sorry for their loss and that we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. These are great offerings but they are usually of little comfort to those that are grieving, especially if they hear it numerous times. We say it with the best of intentions and want to do or say more but we cannot come up with the words as loss is devastating to most everyone.

As I read some of the words that were sent between us, I felt the need to call out in prayer for something more to say to this friend, for some understanding of their pain that would help me find the words that would offer true comfort. I got no sign that words would come from God but I continued to listen as they shared about their loved one. This friend spoke of dreaming about their loved one and feeling as though the loved one was with them but wanted to know how it could be possible. Even as a person of faith in times of sorrow we often doubt, the human in us searches for the answers and the understanding. That part of us is where the doubt comes from and what causes us to grieve so deeply for those that transition into the spirit world.

I was unsure of how to respond to my client but I began typing and words flowed easily onto the screen. These words, though I typed them, did not come from me but from my guide. I sent it in pieces, and this is somewhat revised, but these are the thoughts that came to me…

We never really “get over” losing someone we love but we can learn to live with it. The visuals you get of them show them as they wish to be remembered. When the spirits visit, though they reveal themselves in the form that they know, we can communicate with comfortably. This allows us to be relaxed and open to connect to the spiritual realm. They are not a ghost haunting but a spirit visiting a family member that loved them so dearly.

When you remember the conversations of the past or think of them unexpectedly, this is how they communicate. You no longer have to travel to see them; they will come to you though it is not in a physical form. When we view death in this way, it does not seem like such a horrible thing. We see it as a blessing for our loved ones to shed their physical shell and be free from earthly bondage. We can see that they no longer suffer pain, hunger, fear, drama, or any of the things that we as physical beings must endure. As sure as the stars that remain bright in the night sky, even when the clouds block our view, they are with us.

It is only our ego that blocks us from connecting to this energy. It is a deeper level of awareness that our human ego cannot fully understand. In the spiritual realm, they can see and do things that we as earthly beings, humans, cannot possibly fathom. Since we are all apart of and not apart from this energy, the spirits can be in more than one place and reveal themselves to more than one person at a time. If we, as humans, can have an out of body experience or astral travel, imagine what could be possible for these spirits and their energy. This energy is eternal and constantly living even without physical form. They are light, color, food, and time, of God. Yes, just as Spirit is a part of this energy we are connected through the bonds of life, respect, and love. God lives within us, even in the afterlife.

Remember your loved one, honor them, and keep them with you in your mind, body, and spirit. No, time will not make the hurt go away and you will not forget the loss, but you can learn to manage your emotions in a way that allows you to move forward on your journey. You do not have to let go of your past, you simply grow from it and continue onward. Trust your connection to your loved one, remember the love you shared, and embrace that energy. Use your intuitive gifts to communicate with your loved ones and trust the thoughts that follow. It is through this sort of telpathy that spirits communicate and guidance can be received.

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Winter Sunrise
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