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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Came To Me In A Dream

For a writer, being unable to write is a tragic thing. It is like being hungry and finding no food. We are starved to find the words that need to be said and yet they are not there. Nothing comes to mind, it is as though our soul has taken leave and we do not know when it will return.

I finally decided to sleep after hours of starting the page over and over and still having nothing. I needed to write, I felt the urge to write, but I could not write. I tried to imagine in my mind being in a place of serenity, where only the sounds of nature could be heard. I knew that if I could be in that place I would be able to sleep.

As the silence took over me and I drifted into the dream world I was again able to write. The words flowed through me like water flows over the rocks of a small stream. Softly they trickled from my mind to my hands and out through the pen filling the page. No longer were the lines empty.

I could see the words plainly as they formed each line. I could feel the sense of peace engulf me as I released what was captive in my mind. This is what I wrote in the dream:

An Addicts Dream

My mind calls out to you craving what it desires the most. You come to me in the night like a hand extended out to me; beckoning and begging for me to draw you nearer. Sweetly you sing, tempting and teasing me. My heart pounds at a pace unreal to me, unknown to me. I need you and I want you.

You are there, so close, just within reach, yet your fire scares me. You're invading the barricades that I placed around me, penetrating my space. I want you there but I can't have you.

My soul is filled with taunt and torment. I feel the shadow of you surround me. Fear and doubt wash over me. Still wanting and needing I am hungry, neigh starving. I reach for you but I can not grasp.
My body yearns and yet my hands refuse. My breath is staggered and my body sweats profusely, my eyes cry. Again, I reach for you. Then I awaken to find it was merely and addicts dream. ~ Lolita32

I saw myself close the notebook in which I was writing and lay it beside me upon a boulder where I was sitting. I took a deep breath in to inhale the fresh air around me and sighed a breath of relief as it filled my lungs. With that sigh I awoke to find that my thirst to write remained.

With notebook and pen in hand I immediately wrote the dream words upon the page. As the words flowed from me to the page I realized I was writing and a sigh escaped me. My writers block was gone. I have been able to write more easily since that morning and now I continue to write.

I have no idea how this writing connects to me as of yet but I know that it is something I was supposed to share. That sense is overwhelming to me. I am sure that when it is time for me to know the whole meaning of this dream, it will come to me.

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise
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Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset