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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A lesson in gratitude

People the world of over are talking about the Law of Attraction. Their focus is mainly on the abundance the Law of Attraction can manifest. One of the most important aspects to getting the Law of Attraction to work is certainly having faith, but another is gratitude.

In the month of November many will discuss the things they are thankful for either throughout the month or during their Thanksgiving celebrations, but do they truly understand the importance that being truly grateful plays in their life? Do you truly understand that it is important to appreciate the little things that happen each day?

It is easy to look at the positive things around us and find great joy and thankfulness within them, but it is never easy to appreciate the negatives. Okay, I know it sounds strange for someone to say aloud, “I’m thankful for the lessons I have learned along the way,” but it is those hard lessons, those negatives, that help us truly appreciate the positives.

Each step of our journey in life is one more step on the road toward full enlightenment. There will be times that we will veer off the beaten path. We may find ourselves lost in the darkness of the shadows that will later be lessons learned.

I know that it is hard to see how failure, bankruptcy, lost jobs, or lost love could possibly be something with which we should be thankful. None of us want to go through the hard parts repeatedly so this is why it is so important to recognize the situation for its worth.

As we go forward in our life and we suffer many hard knocks, it may be difficult to recognize those knocks as opportunities for the necessary changes that will lead to our future successes. An example would be the famous chef that burned his first cake, or made lumpy gravy, only later to become one of the finest culinary experts of all time. Through the mishaps, the burns and spills, and through many failed creations, he found his masterpiece, his specialty.

Like the chef, we may have many messes to clean up along the way, we may have to pick up and start over from scratch, but if we can find it within ourselves to look with open eyes and mind, and we could see things in a completely new way. We could recognize the situation before us as a potential learning opportunity; we could see it as building our character or strength of will.

Life does not have to be so complicated. In fact, sometimes the only reason it is complicated is that we are not stepping back and viewing the situation through an open mind. Once we can clearly see a situation and make rational decisions we can usually find a better way to handle even the most difficult of tasks, for that, we must also be grateful.

Once we are grateful for all we have and all we have learned, we are able to let go of the past and move forward. This crucial element of the Law of Attraction allows us to open ourselves up, clear the space that negativity occupied within us, and allow new blessings to come forth.

Now it is time to consider all you have experienced and the hidden positives within those experiences. What have you learned on your journey? How can you continue to grow? For what are you truly thankful?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pondering Dreams

Many will experience at least one thought in their life that proves to be more than just a passing thought. It may be that this thought will come in the form of a dream or vision that tells them of something they do not yet realize is a picture or image of what is to come.

Some dreams are exactly that, a dream, others are much more than a simple dream. They may carry with them hidden messages through symbolism or hidden meanings of the actions. The dreams may actually reflect what will be done in a situation or what will occur due to a certain situation.

An example of the difference between a bizarre dream and a predictive dream would be something in the dream makes it so real that you cannot forget it. It leaves you sad or happy and you wake in tears or laughing aloud. In fact, it as if we are awake the whole time we are dreaming.

The steps that play out in the dream are so vivid it is as if we are actually taking them, we wake feeling the side of our face being cold as if the wind that blew in the dream had really been blowing and chilled our face.

How do we distinguish between what is reality and what is fantasy in a dream? I feel that we can tell the difference by the feel of the dream, even if the images are quite strange or seem to be very imaginative. It is not logical, in reality, that we may hear them as if they are speaking in our language, yet if they appear to be speaking to us maybe the message is something of reality.

I do not know that dreams can tell us everything we need to know but I do know that they can tell us much of what we need to know. I know that when they speak to us of something that relates somehow to something that is happening in our real life, not our dream life, it is probably a message with which we should pay close attention.

It is often a fact that until the event occurs in our waking life, we may never know that the dream was in fact a premonition or prophetic dream. No matter the dream, it is important that we pay attention to each detail and keep a journal of the dreams that come to us so we can compare what we think and feel with each one.

It is only after we implement a process to learn about how our dreams affect us that we can truly come to understand how our dreams speak to us. Each person will experience and go through this process differently but in the end the result is the same; a better understanding of oneself and ones messages through the world of dreams.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tellers Investigation Aug. 13, 2011 Lawrence, KS

When we got to Teller’s Brenda Mason, Kansas Paranormal Research Society- KPRS, and Cathy Ramirez, Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC,were talking to someone over by the bar about the things that have gone on there. I did not want to hear any of that so I began exploring the restaurant.

As I walked, back passed the tables and the stairs toward the restrooms I saw a man standing near a chair that was sitting by the coat rack. He was dressed in a suit, looked maybe 1930’s or 40’s; he said his name was Ralph. Then he said what I thought was Foots at first, later he told me, “No, Fults”

When I turned back toward the front door I saw a woman standing near the windows by the tables, she appeared to be looking out the window toward Massachusetts Street. She walked back and forth in front of the window. She reminded me of the mom off “Leave it To Beaver” both in the way she was dressed and how she looked.

I stopped for a moment to look up at the second floor landing; it was loft-like and overlooking the main floor dining area. The KPRS team was now exploring this area and was coming down the stairs. I told Brenda and Cathy at this point that they needed to focus on the Vault area near the restrooms, I was very drawn to that area by the big vault door and how I had seen the man right outside of there by the coat rack.

At this point, I had not made it into the rest room area because the large door on the vault had distracted me. When I touched it, I could sense that someone was scared and that maybe someone had been locked inside for quite some time. I decided that I needed to know more so I stood there with my hand on the door and waiting to hear more. I knew then that the bank that was there before was robbed. I waited for more info but could not get it; I did feel that somehow Ralph was involved with that robbery.

The team came in behind me from the back of the building. There was a long hallway there, I felt there might have been a lot of activity surrounding the kitchen across from the vault doors, and I felt that there was a man there but I could not get his name. He was one that I felt moved things around a lot and made noise within the kitchen.

The team came down from upstairs and as they passed in front of me, I could sense that a man had followed them down. His name was Charles…I believe he was most often called Chuck. He seemed to be curious about what we were doing, as if somehow he wanted to join in.

The team then gathered by the bar to break into small teams for the investigation. While standing next to one of the team members waiting to find out where to go, I sensed a spirit near that team member. His energy was very strong but the only name that came to me was Ray.

After the investigators were divided into teams, each team went in a different direction. I was asked to step into the elevator and see if I could get anything. The only thing I could sense in there was the sound of a male voice; I thought this voice may have been Ray.

I headed up to the third floor with Brenda, Liz, Kathy, Dave M. and David T. and sat at a long table where I could see the mirrors. Brenda was across from me. I sensed a man’s presence but the only name I could get from him was Charles. I was sure he was the one that had followed the team down earlier. There was a lot of “buzzing” in the air, not the sound but the feeling. This area had extremely high EMF readings especially near the lights. This makes it hard to distinguish activity with these types of detectors.

The camera behind me continued to be unplugged and messed up several times, even when none of the team members were near it. I am still unsure whether anything was caught on the camera’s or if they determined this to be equipment or operator issues.

When we moved down the stairs to the second floor area, I was able to sense Charles even more strongly. At first, I just felt this cold sensation on my arm and a slight tugging as if someone was trying to get my attention. At this point, someone else, Dave M, I believe, was getting some hits over at his table on the meter he was using. Then Brenda got a few hits on hers. For a moment we thought maybe the lights above me were affecting me and that maybe it was not paranormal at all because they had such high EMF outputs but the tugging and cold on my arm along with the meters changed that. I felt sure in my mind there was more to it. Therefore, I moved away from the lights and sat over near Brenda.

I was given the name Fulbright, but it could have been Albright. I got the feeling that he was sad, and that he used to spend time playing cards there. I also tasted the taste of whiskey in my mouth, very strong; this is an indication that he was an alcoholic. The cards seemed to be very important to him. He responded a couple of times on the meters as we talked about the cards and I shuffled my business cards and dealt them out. I also got a blip on the meter as I laid a dollar bill out on the table.

He showed me at this time the image of the old courthouse and it seemed that it was the end of town, there was a house or two in the distance but not very many. One house he showed me was white and small with a porch on the front of it. It was a two story house and I felt this was his way of showing me where he lived when someone asked if he rode his horse to the tavern to drink.

He then indicated to me that he walked there because it was not that far. I got a few more blinks on the meter as we talked about drinking being the way he lost his wife. He seemed so sad to me. I could feel his sadness.

The team agreed to go on to the basement and the lower level vault area, as we were heading into the large vault there I sensed another man, his name was Richard…he made that very clear to me. In that area I felt lightheaded and dizzy, somewhat sick to my stomach, had trouble breathing, and I became very claustrophobic. I decided at that point to travel out of the area with Brenda who was feeling some of these same symptoms.

We talked as we walked about how I had thought I saw someone inside the locked fence area. I was unable to get any messages or response from whom or whatever was inside there, if anything was there at all. It could have been mice making noise and shadows of light from where I was standing.

Before we headed back up the stairs I told Brenda the names I had gotten and that I felt that Ralph was a bank robber or somehow involved with a robbery, I was not sure if it was at this bank. I told her that one of the staff had told me about Clyde, the same person as Clyde, from the team of Bonnie and Clyde, had robbed this bank and that it was the first bank he ever robbed and that the staff member had told me it was before Clyde was with Bonnie.

I told her at this point that I was sure Ray had something to do with this whole thief/robbery thing as well but I wasn’t sure what his or Ralph’s roles were in that particular robbery. Brenda said that there was info in the vault area on the wall near the restrooms. I had not actually made it into there because the outer vault door and how much energy seemed to be attached to the handle of the door distracted me.

I felt strong fear when I touched the door, as though someone was scared for his or her life and had maybe been locked into the vault. I told Brenda about this as we headed up to that area to look at the information of which she spoke. She wanted to check one of the names; she told me she thought that Ralph Fults was one of the names on those lists.

When we got up there I felt somewhat short of breath and that fear feeling again. I did not see or hear anyone but that panic feeling was very strong there, especially inside. Brenda found the info on the pictures and told me that indeed Ralph Fults was a partner in the robbery with Clyde. I am still unsure about Raymond (Ray); I know that he was a thief but not sure, that he had anything to do with this particular robbery.

As the group decided it was time to “wrap it up” I felt more and more drawn to the idea of driving by to see if maybe that house that Charles had shown me was still in the area of Massachusetts Street, or if it would at least look familiar to me. David T. (my husband) agreed to drive me by there after the investigation since we live here in Lawrence to see if I could get anything.

As we all packed up to leave, I was asked to step into the ladies room and share what I felt. I guess some other women on the team had felt something in there and wanted to know if I got anything. As soon as I stepped into the ladies room, I could sense a woman crying and pacing frantically back and forth. She was extremely scared. I felt that scared feeling and that sense of panic as if it was my own. She did not seem to notice me there, almost as if an imprint of her spirit was permanently there. Most in the paranormal field call this “residual”; I believe it is the energy imprint that is left in a moment of traumatic experience or routine activity. Certain objects, stones, wood, etc. will hold this energy forever until cleansed, smudged, and/or blessed properly.

After leaving we did drive by, if indeed in the late 1800’s early 1900’s the city limits did end where the park is today on Massachusetts Street, I would say the house would have been near or right on the corner of 13th and Massachusetts. Today there is an office-building parking lot where it may have been. To get an idea as to what the house I envisioned looked like you can drive passed the Castle Tea Room and look at the second house on the right, it looks almost identical, although the porch seemed larger in my vision and of course, the yard was more open with no other houses around it.

Photo by Blake Allen, KPRS investigator evidence photo.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

How to choose a reputable psychic reader

I recently posted an article of great importance on Examiner.com ~ Please click on the title "How to choose a reputable psychic reader" above to follow the link to the article.

For more information on my "Code of Ethics" please visit my "Code of Ethics" page tab above. To learn more about my credentials please visit the "About Me" page tab above.

If you enjoy the article please share it with your friends and family so they may also make an informed decision when choosing a reader. Thank you for your continued support and please be careful about the readers you choose.

Peace, Light, Love, and Smiles from Lena M. Townsend, RMP

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Blogger, Emily Walsh, writes

Reiki as a Complementary Therapy for Cancer Patients
Emily Walsh

The traditional Japanese healing art form of Reiki is actually considered to be a complementary therapy for
cancer patients. People currently receiving and recovering from chemotherapy and/or radiation can benefit from Reiki. There have been some fairly positive results shown in people who have various types of cancers such as mesothelioma, breast cancer, etc. However, it is important to mention that in no way is Reiki a cure for cancer or a substitute for proper medical treatment with licensed professionals, especially for people battling cancer.

Reiki is a very delicate and peaceful art form that is used to transmit positive, healing energy to affected areas. This is completely fine in cancer patients as long as practitioners avoid any delicate areas as instructed by a physician. Reiki can be a substitute for other more physical types of complementary therapies such as Yoga or massage that some patients may not be able to do. Many patients report feeling more relaxed during and after the treatment and some say that they physically feel much better. In addition to that, many participants have reported that symptoms such as nausea, pain, and anxiety have improved through the use of Reiki. Although mesothelioma life expectancy may not be directly affected, the quality of life for a patient can greatly improve as a result of utilizing Reiki.

For cancer patients, one of the advantages of Reiki is that unlike some of other types of complementary treatments, it is completely non-invasive, in that it does not involve any medications or injections. There is little to no risk involved as practitioners barely touch the individual. Patients do not have to move, think, or do anything to receive treatments. This is especially comforting to patients who may be hospitalized and unable to move. On average, treatments for patients last for about an hour and they do not interfere with any of the other types of medical treatment they may receive.

The phenomenon has been researched, but the studies are inconclusive as to whether or not there is some tangible evidence that these energies are present and if they have actually healed patients. Some also argue that the positive effects of Reiki are due to the beliefs of that patient. Either way, it is still not quite clear as to what is really responsible for the positive effects. Though the true merits of energy medicine and Reiki are still being researched, Reiki can no doubt improve a patients mental state, especially when the individual accepts the importance of mind/body healing as an essential part of a full recovery.

To read more from Emily Walsh visit her blog Em-Musings

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First Official Paranormal Investigation

This was the first time I had ever gotten the chance to actually go along on a ghost hunt. I had watched them on television, seen live investigations aired over the internet, and heard plenty of stories from others that had been investigating but for me it was all from a distance.

Several people had invited me along but for the first time I actually was able to attend. I had a sitter for my children and my husband and I were prepared to make a night of it. Then my natural fear started to kick in. I have never been a person to like crowds, especially crowds of people I don’t know. I really hated the idea that this was going to be a lot of people I didn’t know and it was going to be in a place I had never been to before and knew nothing about. “What was I thinking when I agreed to do this,” was all that kept running through my mind on the way there.

When we got to the Riverhouse Restaurant in Atchison, KS a few familiar faces greeted me and that eased my fear a little. I still felt the anxieties, those things we make ourselves worry over that we don’t need to, that I always seem to put myself through. I was sure that I was going to mess up somehow or not be good enough. I guess what I feared most was that in the end they would all think I was crazy or something.

As the team did its walk through the building to decide where to set up camera’s and other equipment I went along for the tour. I told them where I could feel things, what I was feeling, and how it didn’t make sense that a lot of it didn’t seem to fit with this building but maybe a building that was here before this one. I felt like if it wasn’t with a building then maybe just the land itself.

While reading cards earlier in the evening I had the feeling that some spirits were trying to communicate. One particular spirit really caught my attention. He gave me that creepy feeling and at first I thought that he was with Cathy Ramirez, the founder of Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC.

Of course as soon as I said I sensed a spirit, the paranormal investigative team that was with us, Kansas Paranormal Research Society- KPRS and the founder of Catch A Ghost Paranormal Equipment, Terry, all rushed over to set up some equipment. They wanted to get evidence of the paranormal, this made me nervous.

I wasn’t used to being surrounded by all of that equipment so it took me a few minutes to adjust and to be able to sense him again but I am sure that his name was Jonathon. He didn’t mind being called John but he definitely didn’t like being called Johnny. He was real clear about that. I felt very strongly that he liked Cathy because she was pretty. It was as though she reminded him of someone he cared deeply for.

John showed me that he was having trouble breathing, like his air supply was cut off at the throat. I felt that he had been very sick and that he was determined to communicate with me but I also felt that maybe I wasn’t getting all he was trying to tell me because I was nervous and there was other spirits I was sensing.

After he went away from me I saw the image of hanging, so I know that someone had hanged there or near there but the image wasn’t real clear. I sensed a man falling as well. I wasn’t sure if they were connected or if it was another spirit. It seemed to me that there were many.

I felt the presence of a young girl, maybe 13 or 14 years old, and that her name was Mattie, I believe her first name was actually Matilda. She was there with her brother, Jimmy, whom she felt she had to protect, she needed to take care of him. I also felt as though she was afraid of another there, his name was Bartholomew, maybe Barry.

After the walk around the building the team set up in the places I had sensed things and the investigation began. We were all called together to get equipment and find out where we were going to be. We were introduced to the people that would join in the group as guests and then we talked about where equipment was set up so that no one would actually run into it or contaminate it. For example, there was some track a ghost powder on the floor on a piece of cardboard and they didn’t want us to walk in it.

As I walked passed the doorway to the room next to the kitchen I heard a man say, “I don’t want you here.” He didn’t yell but he had a firm tone and said it very clearly. My initial thought was that one of the men on the team didn’t want me to be there but then I realized there was no one in the room and the equipment had already been set up in there.

We started by breaking into teams and each team decided where to go first. I was asked to tag along wherever I felt called to be. I was given a flashlight, a two-way radio, and a digital recorder and I chose to stay in the bar area where I now sensed Mattie and her brother to be.

I walked toward the restrooms knowing that there was some activity there. Earlier I had used the restroom and in the stall next to me the toilet had flushed but no one was in the restroom with me. I will admit that freaked me out just a little bit, okay, maybe a lot. At that point, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not but I was already there so I needed to do it.

I sat quietly listening, trying to relax my mind so I could hear the spirits talk to me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to with the distractions of other people getting things in the room. K2 meters were going off, people were talking to a spirit trying to get her name. It was Mattie. I wanted to know more so I sat back and listened for any messages that came to me.

I also sensed that there was a woman there, her name was Ella, she said she was in the picture. It took me a little bit to figure out what she was talking about but later someone spoke of an Ella and talked about how she was at one time the owner of the Riverhouse building. It made sense to me and I remembered that earlier in the afternoon Cathy Ramirez had shown me a picture that had Mattie and Jimmy in it, and it also had Ella.

Someone on the team asked, “Do you like to play with toys, Mattie?” I heard in my head, “I like music.” so I told the team she said she likes music. Then the team asked her, “Do you like music?” and she responded by lighting up the lights on the meter. The team decided to play a song on a cell phone and asked, “Mattie, do you like this song?” She didn’t respond, the meters didn’t move. Then I heard “Red River Valley” in my head. It wasn’t just the name of the song, I could hear her singing it.

I told the team that she liked “Red River Valley” and the member that had the phone played the song. Suddenly the lights on the K-2 meter went crazy lighting up all the way to red repeatedly. Then when the song was over someone played a different kind of music, more modern country music, the K-2 meter did nothing, then they played some more music and nothing.

I heard her say “Camp Town Races” and I asked, “Camp Town Races?” so one of the team members pulled up the song on his phone and played it. This part is a little strange to me. For the most part I trust all that I feel or hear in my own head because I know what I know even if I don’t know how but when it comes to equipment and stuff like that I am not real sure what to believe. This part I find very interesting because this song was a song I didn’t know, or at least I didn’t know I knew. I had always thought of this song as “The Do-Da Song” I had no idea that the name of the song was “Camp Town Races.”

When the song started and I realized what it was the K-2 meter began to go off again repeatedly. It was strange to me that it had went so long without going off but then would go off in response to music or questions. It seemed that every time someone would ask a question we would get some response for yes or no response for no on the meter.

At one point someone said, “We have some toys over under the windows.” and explained that it was okay for her to touch them. About five minutes after that the toy began to beep and a small red light flashed brightly. The only way that this toy would move was if someone touched it or walked within a couple of inches of it. Of course, we all went across the room to check it out. It went off again while we were standing there. No one touched it, no one was near it, we were not walking around but we did have a light shining on it. It did it one more time before I was called to another area by a separate group.

The next group I was with was getting some readings on the stairs but they had determined that maybe there was some wiring or the IR Camera was causing some interference. While I was standing on the stairs I saw a beautiful woman, very elegant, she said her name was Lucinda, Lucy. I felt that she was a gentle sort of woman and that children liked her, would follow her. I also saw a man pass on the stairs, his name was Henry, though that was all I got from him.

There were many personal experiences for me through out the night but John stands out to me the most. He was someone that I felt really wanted my attention. He was in the building attached to this one but not the restaurant itself. I could feel him so strongly. I felt him choking, gasping for air, and sickly. My stomach was queasy and my head was spinning. I was sweating profusely and I felt like someone had their hands around my neck cutting off my air supply. It was as though they were pressing their thumbs into my throat.

As I felt this I kept seeing someone pass in front of a window in another room. I thought I had seen them looking out the window when I passed by on my way into the building but upon entry to the building I realized no one could get that close to the window because of the stuff that was stored in there. I finally asked if I could walk over into that room because he was showing himself and then disappearing. It was very frustrating to me. I wanted him to stay long enough I could get a good look at him, but he wouldn’t.

As I walked closer I got that his face was burned, I felt like my face was on fire, and could picture the images of scars on a mans face in my head. I saw a wooden leg, like a peg. It reminded me of a chair leg. I had never seen anything like that before but I was sure that he was missing a leg.

I tried very hard to get him to tell me a name but all he would say was Meriwether. That didn’t make any sense to me. He repeated it at least two more times. I continued to travel through the room trying to get some answers. I know he was staying close to the window most of the time. Then I heard, “Lewis Meriwether.”

Someone asked me, “Wasn’t that the Lewis and Clark guy?” To be honest, I had no clue but earlier in the afternoon while sitting outside the building I heard Lewis and Clark in my head. Upon further investigation of the area we discovered a trail marker that said Lewis and Clark but I didn’t feel that this man was one of them, maybe he had worked with them or traveled with them.

After the investigation we helped clean up the area and then we all stood outside. I was not ready to stop investigating. I still felt there was more that needed to be revealed, more that hadn’t been said.

As we stood outside I mentioned that I had seen Lucinda and someone said that coincides with stories of children that had followed a woman upstairs. Only the children had seen her. I didn’t get all of the details but I am sure this was her, it fit what I felt about her.

A few days after the investigation one of the guest investigators sent me some photos of what he believed to be the man from the other room that I was picking up on. Then another set of photos was posted by another investigator. In this set of photos there was a picture of a peg leg, just as I had seen, no too far in front of the window where I had felt and seen this spirit pass. The peg leg had no body attached to it, it wasn’t in other photos and no one in the group was dressed in a way that could be mistaken for it.

As time goes by, more and more evidence is being brought forth to confirm what I saw, felt, and heard. Not too bad for a first investigation. It was very exciting and I am looking forward to the next.

Photo courtesy of Terry Rowe, Catch A Ghost Paranormal Equipment

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Curses, are they real?

In the movies when a witch or warlock casts a spell, there are often lights, or glimmer, and big puffs of smoke. Sometimes you will see a trail of leaves floating gently in a circle across the sky and landing upon the one the magic was sent to. It does not really work that way in real life but magic is indeed at work everywhere.

The magic to be discussed here is not illusions, or tricks to fool you into believing one way or another, rather, it is the power within. Anyone can perform this magic, in fact; many do it without even knowing what they are doing or the consequences that may follow.

Curses are indeed a part of the magic that lives in this world. Many do not realize they are walking around with a curse upon them and they may themselves be imposing that same curse on another without even knowing it.

Children are extremely vulnerable to the curses of this type. If a child is told often that they are bad, they may truly feel no self-worth and begin to believe that they are bad. This is where the magic comes in; they believe it so they become it. Yes, it is a choice, but how often do you make a choice that is right when you cannot see all of your options?

A wife, with an abusive spouse, may truly believe that she is not good enough, or that she is crazy because she hears these words repeatedly as she is slowly torn into bits and pieces. Her heart wants only to be loved and accepted by the one she believed to love her, the one she thought she could trust, yet in the end she is cursed with the belief that no one could love her, she could do no better than what she has now.

This type of magic works for good as well, not just a curse. Think of the times that you were told how smart you were, or sexy, or how you could do anything and in reality you found yourself lifted to the point of accomplishing things you once thought you could not accomplish.

It is indeed by magic that this happens. It is your own power, your own faith. While many merely relate faith to religion or some occult practice, here it is a spiritual tool working within the spirit of ones personal self.

Each person is designed and therefore destined to be unique, yet somehow, the same laws of nature and the universe bind them all. They are all vulnerable to the curses that are carelessly thrown about and anyone can fall victim to a curse that brings them down.

Even society imposes these curses on individuals by implying that if one does not look a certain way, make a certain amount of money, or have the “perfect” relationship there must be something wrong with them, they are damaged goods, or are somehow broken and cannot be fixed.

A curse can be broken; a spell can be changed, by the choices one makes in their life. A person is not destined to be destitute they choose to be. No one is destined to be without love in their life, they choose to be alone by either pushing others away consciously or unconsciously.

So, how is it that one is to grow beyond the curse or break the spell? Do you have to have a specialist to do it? Is it possible to get rid of a curse completely?

It is possible that one will have to go through some professional sources to help them deal with the curses that have been placed upon them over the years. Some issues from childhood can be extremely difficult to face and work through.

If you had a traumatic childhood, a history or mental illness, or addictive tendencies it is important that you seek professional help before trying to face your past head on to find what curses lead you to where you are now.

Recognizing the curses is the first step in removing them. A perfect example would be the abused woman that escapes her abusive husband only to constantly hear in her mind the hurtful words he drilled into her. Maybe he said, “You will never have anything without me, no car, no home, no love, nothing. You will always be a nobody. You will never be good enough for anyone else. You were lucky to have me.”

The woman could choose to allow these things to go deep within her and become a curse so that they lead her to a life of gloom and despair. She could end up never being with anyone else, or having a home or a car, then again, she could end up avoiding the curse by believing that she is more and can have more.

All curses work the same way, they only have power if you give them power. If you believe in it, you could find some sort of protection spell or ritual that will allow you to protect you from the curse, help you move beyond the curse, or send it back to where it came from. Are you doomed to a life of misery and heartache if you do not believe in spells or the power of rituals? The answer is, “No, you are not destined to be miserable and heartbroken.

You can overcome anything that comes your way even self-imposed curses. The first thing you must do in order to rid yourself of the curses that may be hindering your growth is to become aware. Know yourself, know what it is that binds you, and then acknowledge the fact that these are curses that can be removed, they are not permanent fixtures in your being.

Soon everything will be very clear, past, present, and future. Then, slowly but surely, you will find a happier journey to a more peaceful and successful life.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lawrence Metaphysical Fair

Saturday, June 25th 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 26th, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Love Donation $6.00

W/ Coupon $5.00

Douglas County Fairgrounds

2120 Harper Street, Lawrence, Ks. 66046

Come to enjoy a grouping of gifted individuals

brought together to share, to educate, to assist

your journey to greater awareness and understanding

of while you are here, acquire that which will

help you in that process and find new connections.

Artists, Reiki, Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology,

Spectrum Healing, Feng Shui, VIBE treatments,

intuitive portraits, auric photos, DNA activations,

Numerology, Astrology, Hypnosis, Past-Life Recall,

Spiritual Guidance & Readings from Loved Ones,

Mediums, Tarot, Animal Spirit Readings, Ks Authors,

Dream Interpretations, Zensational, Scentsy,

Wildtree Herbs, crystals, gems, Baltic Amber

Music for the Soul, CDs, Books, varied Artwork,

Nutritional info/ items, Moringa Juice, Breath DVDs,

Vibrational CDs & Essences, Sweet grass, oils

Custom Jewelry, Candles, Mineral Make-up, Bee

Products, Native/Peruvian/Egyptian gift items, teas

Herbal Bath Salts, Resins, Mortars, Pestles,

health charts, crystal jewelry, sun catchers,

Dream catchers, pouches, pendulums


*this post was written by Carol Ann Brown

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Messages in the Moonlight

Public Domain Image

The darkness settles all around me as the moon begins to rise higher into the sky. I am not frightened of the dark or even the shadows that seem to shift around me. All I can hear is the soft echoes of each breath I take slowly in and out.

No birds are calling in the distance, no crickets are singing and the wind is at rest. The leaves on the trees lie silent in wait of the breeze without even the slightest tremble.

Though it is dark, the light of the moon dances off the pebbles that form the narrow path beneath my feet. I cannot see where this path is leading me as it curves slightly to the north around a line of trees that block my view. I feel no fear as I step forward one foot in front of the other.

Somewhere deep within me is the feeling that I have taken this path before. I pause for a moment in wonder to examine my surroundings further. It is so dark that I cannot be sure so I continue onward in the hope that something will tell me I am on the right path that I am not going in circles.

Gradually I feel as though the path is becoming narrower but I must continue. I know that until I can find an opening in which the light of the moon is bright enough to see clearly, what surrounds me I cannot turn back.

Somewhere in the night, I hear the sound of a cricket sing, then the sound of an owl screeching from a distance. I know that there is life out there and that I am not alone. I walk onward listening to the sound of the pebbles grinding into the dirt that lay below and I know that somewhere someone is doing exactly what I am doing at this very moment.

Something inside of them is driving them onward though they may have no idea what it is. A calling from somewhere in their soul makes them long to search though they may not know what they are looking for or how they will recognize it if they see it. They just keep walking knowing that if they are meant to find it, they will.

Clearing my mind of distracting thoughts and the numerous steps I have taken I realize that I have come to a clearing. It is unfamiliar to me, yet, somehow it feels so safe and peaceful. The smell of meadow grasses lingers in the damp night air along with the smell of fresh cedar. I can smell the cedar but I cannot see the cedar trees. I can barely make out the scent of patchouli and honeysuckle as a soft breeze brushes gently over me.

The sky is clear above me and the moon is now brighter than it was when I started out. The black of the night sky is painted with sparkling light and soft smudges so far out in the universe that I can barely see them. Though the moon is only a crescent I can make out the entire circle of the moon because it is so bright.

I pause to rest for a moment in the clearing and enjoy the view. I can see the plants glowing with life and brilliant color even in the darkness. If only I could paint it, the way I see it. If only I could describe in detail the tiny leaves that line each plant or the softness of the petals on the wildflowers as I brush my hand across them. If others could only taste the sweetness that lingers in the air or smell the grass through the words that I write then maybe they could truly experience the beauty of nature the way that I see it and feel it.

A rustling in the tall grasses catches my attention and startles me for a moment as I am unsure whether what lurks within is dangerous or not. I do not move for fear of startling it or bringing unwanted attention to myself. Then a small fawn steps out and I know that nearby must be its mother though her steps are so peaceful I have not heard her.

The fawn shows no fear as it comes to get a closer look at me. I sit quietly observing the way the small fawn lifts each leg so gracefully and ever so gently, as it steps even closer to me. Tiny spots remain on its side and hindquarter and in the moonlight; the spots seem to glow like small reflectors. He is close enough that I can hear him breathe but I do not move. I simply stay still waiting and wondering what he will do next.

As the small fawn tilts its head to a clover patch near my left hand, I remain watching it slowly take a bite of its sweet treat and wondering if it realizes that I am there. Then it turns to me as it chews and looks at me as if it is waiting for me to take a bite. Slowly I lift my hand from the grass and pick a small bunch of clover to offer him. He does not run but he does not take it right away. He moves in a little closer and looks as though he is unsure of me, then slowly he lowers his mouth to my hand, never taking his eye off me, and gently he eats a small portion out of my hand.

He stops chewing at the sound of the grass rustling then he quickly darts off to meet up with his mother as she steps out into the clearing. She pauses only for a moment to look at me, then turns with her child, and disappears again into the darkness.

I feel so peaceful here but I know that I must continue onward as my heart tells me that this is not where I am to stay. I inhale one last time the scent of the meadow grass and honeysuckle before leaving the beauty and light of the clearing then step softly back onto the tiny path.

The crickets are singing loudly now and in the distance, I can hear the sound of a family of frogs singing. Every now and then as a soft breeze waves through the trees I can hear the sound of water trickling and I know without seeing it that there must be a small creek nearby.

For a moment, I notice what appears to be a person ahead of me on the path, not to far in front of me but there. As I get closer, I think to myself it must have been a shadow cast from a tree but somehow I do not feel alone. I feel as though someone is there with me. I decided to call out softly to see if anyone would answer, “Hello is anyone there?” There was no answer but again I saw the shadow figure and this time it was closer and standing very still. I could see now that this was not the shadow of a tree, there was someone there with me, but I could not see who it was.

I tried to get a closer look but it seemed as though the closer I got the more translucent the figure became. I tried to call out, to see if they were okay, if they were lost or needed help and still they did not respond. Then in a moment, the figure was gone, as quickly as it appeared, it vanished into the night.

I thought maybe it was just shadows and my eyes playing tricks on my because of the darkness so I continued onward alone. After a few steps, I realized that again the night had fallen silent. It was so quiet that when I stopped walking I could almost hear the sound of my own heart beating.

It seemed strange to me that all of the sounds I was hearing were now completely silent. Then I felt the touch of a hand upon my shoulder. I turned and no one was there. I thought for a moment that maybe I had spooked myself, as I felt startled by the touch, but then I felt it on my hand. I saw nothing but suddenly I felt so safe. I felt as though someone was there all along, guiding me.

The touch was soft and warm, not cold or disturbing and the light from the moon seemed brighter again on the path. Then I heard the soft sound of a familiar voice saying, “Do you remember when we used to walk together late in the night?” My heart filled with overwhelming emotion at the sound of this voice. I knew him and I asked, “Is it really you? How are you here with me? Am I dead?”

The voice responded peacefully, “I have always been with you but you were too distracted to see me or hear me. You allowed the light to shine in your life but you did not see it? All of the distractions around you clouded your faith. It is not enough to believe in the afterlife or even to talk about it but you must be clear in order to channel its energy and willing to allow the energy to flow through you. It is a gift from God, just as each of us is a gift from God. We must all see it within before we can see it without.”

Tears flooded my eyes and for a moment, I could see him, physically, just as I had always known him. He really was there with me. I knew the words he spoke to me were true, not only because of the miracle I was experiencing but because I had known it all along. I just wanted so much to be able to have him with me again that I felt he would never be there.

He told me, “You have talked to me, you have felt my presence, and you have seen me in your dreams. Why did you doubt that it was real? Why did you think to yourself that maybe it was just you wishing for me? Do you doubt God’s power? You say that you do not, yet you do not believe that he could allow us to be close to those that we loved in life in the afterlife. Too many people lack the faith that it is possible, so they cannot see or hear what is going on around them all the time. There will come a time when they too will see what I am showing you.”

I wanted so much to remain in that one spot and talk with him forever. I wanted to listen to the sound of his voice, to see him in the light of the moon with the smile on his face but he urged me to continue onward and reminded me that he is with me. He said, “You know that I would not leave completely. You felt me before when I wasn’t physically there, why would now be any different?”

As I thought about the words he said to me, all I could say in response was, “I love you, I have always loved you and that will never change.” No other words or questions formed within me. I could not think of anything that I wanted to know or that he had not covered. I wanted to stay but I knew that I needed to move forward so I asked only one thing, “Will you be back often?”

He responded, “I am always looking in on you and yes, I will be back often. You will see me, now that you are not looking with your eyes, and you will hear me, now that you are not listening with your ears. Remember, love is love, and a spiritual connection lasts for all eternity. Listen with your spirit, see with your spirit, feel with your spirit, and those that are connected to you in spirit will always remain with you. You can call on us when you need us and just as you feel us or hear us, we hear and feel you.”

With the blink of an eye, I could no longer see him and as the tears flowed like a river from my eyes I realized that what he said to me, I had always known, but somehow I had not believed it for myself. Then I heard him say, “Yes, now you truly see!”

Suddenly the darkness faded and the moon was dipping lower into the horizon. Surrounding the tiny path on both sides was magenta and turquoise colored flowers dancing in and out of white, lavender, blue, orange, red, and yellow flowers. The colors were brighter than I had ever seen them before. Small dewdrops graced the petals and leaves of the flowers. The trees were the deepest shades of green mixed with the pretty pink or white blossoms that graced their branches.

The sky was ablaze with shades of orange and crimson as the sun quickly grew larger and brought more and more light to my path. The pebbles beneath my feet were various sizes, shapes, and colors and they sparkled in the sunlight like diamonds on plush green carpet. For the first time in my life, I am seeing everything from within and it is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solo Flight

Photo by: Daisy Nelson, Photos By Daisy
In the mist the sound of silence surrounds me. My face and hair are damp and cool. I cannot see what is right before my eyes so I close them and allow my thoughts to take over. Visions of the earth, as if I were gliding above, fill my mind.

Soaring on the wind I see all is before me. No longer am I blind to the images of nature. I can see the tree standing erect along the river, its vines entangled within its branches. Wet moss dangles from the limbs and drips like a waterfall to the ground. Like an umbrella it shelters all that sits beneath it from the cold damp rains of the forest.

The water flows freely along the banks of the river, so smooth, yet so deep. Tall grasses line the side of the river for a short distance and beyond the grass there sit’s a meadow in quiet. It is peaceful and undisturbed by human touch. Flowers of purple and white are intermingled with tall grass and all is soaked from the mist.

As my flight continues the smell of the mist fills me and the air I breathe is clean. I see a bluff ahead and the moss covered rocks that stand tall before me. A small opening in the middle leaves wonder as to what may be hiding within, Only darkness can be seen from my view yet I feel drawn to explore it further.

Upon entering the darkness of this cavern I see the nest of some family of critters that chose to hide within the shelter of stone walls; protected from the elements of wind, rain, and snow. While gliding carefully through the cave and into the depths I discover an clearing filled with light from above and within it a small pool of clear water. Surrounding it are plants of green and red some with blossoming flowers of white. Beautiful stones rest all around and above is an opening to the sky.

Climbing higher in my flight I seek to find the clouds and be free of the darkness that is behind me. Higher and higher I climb knowing that the only lighted way out is forward and in this light I will find the adventures I seek.

Bursting with energy I escape the small crevice that penetrates the earth and there, all around me, is grass. To my right I see a set of large boulders on the edge of a cliff that over looks the river where the opening to the cave began. Though I took time to explore this new path and enjoy its many gifts I have not lost my way.

Floating on a breeze I see the sun peek through the clouds. Beams of sunlight bathe the ground below and the mist stops as if the suns rays evaporated every drop from the sky. Below the ground remains wet and the colors glisten in the sunlight reminding me of a freshly painted canvas. Breathtaking beauty is slowly engulfed by the natural rays of the sun as the clouds drift into the distance.

I can see further than I have ever seen as the land stretches out from horizon to horizon. Wooded forests and meadows lend to the harmony and balance of the seen. Waterfalls and tiny streams filled with natures abundance are visited by deer and raccoons. Rabbits hop freely in and out of tall grass and small bushes along the edge of the forest and an eagle takes flight right before my eyes.

Suddenly a song is in the air and its tune is the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard. I know I must return, that now my eyes can see, but will I appreciate all that I have learned? Will I see with my eyes what has been seen with my soul?

Slowly I open my eyes and again I am within my body. Damp from the mist I step forward in the sun. I allow the warmth of its rays to engulf me as I stand on the muddy path that is before me. I look around and see the colors that I remember from my journey.

I see the light that is provided and the gifts that nature has in store for me. I feel the peace and harmony of nature surround me and cradle me like a child. I am safe and I am unafraid. I make my destiny as I choose the road I am on and I know that when darkness penetrates my soul I can again be free within the light.

I lift my head and trudge onward; confident, strong, and alive knowing I am a part of all that surrounds me.

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise
Photo by Paul Rockers

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset