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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tellers Investigation Aug. 13, 2011 Lawrence, KS

When we got to Teller’s Brenda Mason, Kansas Paranormal Research Society- KPRS, and Cathy Ramirez, Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC,were talking to someone over by the bar about the things that have gone on there. I did not want to hear any of that so I began exploring the restaurant.

As I walked, back passed the tables and the stairs toward the restrooms I saw a man standing near a chair that was sitting by the coat rack. He was dressed in a suit, looked maybe 1930’s or 40’s; he said his name was Ralph. Then he said what I thought was Foots at first, later he told me, “No, Fults”

When I turned back toward the front door I saw a woman standing near the windows by the tables, she appeared to be looking out the window toward Massachusetts Street. She walked back and forth in front of the window. She reminded me of the mom off “Leave it To Beaver” both in the way she was dressed and how she looked.

I stopped for a moment to look up at the second floor landing; it was loft-like and overlooking the main floor dining area. The KPRS team was now exploring this area and was coming down the stairs. I told Brenda and Cathy at this point that they needed to focus on the Vault area near the restrooms, I was very drawn to that area by the big vault door and how I had seen the man right outside of there by the coat rack.

At this point, I had not made it into the rest room area because the large door on the vault had distracted me. When I touched it, I could sense that someone was scared and that maybe someone had been locked inside for quite some time. I decided that I needed to know more so I stood there with my hand on the door and waiting to hear more. I knew then that the bank that was there before was robbed. I waited for more info but could not get it; I did feel that somehow Ralph was involved with that robbery.

The team came in behind me from the back of the building. There was a long hallway there, I felt there might have been a lot of activity surrounding the kitchen across from the vault doors, and I felt that there was a man there but I could not get his name. He was one that I felt moved things around a lot and made noise within the kitchen.

The team came down from upstairs and as they passed in front of me, I could sense that a man had followed them down. His name was Charles…I believe he was most often called Chuck. He seemed to be curious about what we were doing, as if somehow he wanted to join in.

The team then gathered by the bar to break into small teams for the investigation. While standing next to one of the team members waiting to find out where to go, I sensed a spirit near that team member. His energy was very strong but the only name that came to me was Ray.

After the investigators were divided into teams, each team went in a different direction. I was asked to step into the elevator and see if I could get anything. The only thing I could sense in there was the sound of a male voice; I thought this voice may have been Ray.

I headed up to the third floor with Brenda, Liz, Kathy, Dave M. and David T. and sat at a long table where I could see the mirrors. Brenda was across from me. I sensed a man’s presence but the only name I could get from him was Charles. I was sure he was the one that had followed the team down earlier. There was a lot of “buzzing” in the air, not the sound but the feeling. This area had extremely high EMF readings especially near the lights. This makes it hard to distinguish activity with these types of detectors.

The camera behind me continued to be unplugged and messed up several times, even when none of the team members were near it. I am still unsure whether anything was caught on the camera’s or if they determined this to be equipment or operator issues.

When we moved down the stairs to the second floor area, I was able to sense Charles even more strongly. At first, I just felt this cold sensation on my arm and a slight tugging as if someone was trying to get my attention. At this point, someone else, Dave M, I believe, was getting some hits over at his table on the meter he was using. Then Brenda got a few hits on hers. For a moment we thought maybe the lights above me were affecting me and that maybe it was not paranormal at all because they had such high EMF outputs but the tugging and cold on my arm along with the meters changed that. I felt sure in my mind there was more to it. Therefore, I moved away from the lights and sat over near Brenda.

I was given the name Fulbright, but it could have been Albright. I got the feeling that he was sad, and that he used to spend time playing cards there. I also tasted the taste of whiskey in my mouth, very strong; this is an indication that he was an alcoholic. The cards seemed to be very important to him. He responded a couple of times on the meters as we talked about the cards and I shuffled my business cards and dealt them out. I also got a blip on the meter as I laid a dollar bill out on the table.

He showed me at this time the image of the old courthouse and it seemed that it was the end of town, there was a house or two in the distance but not very many. One house he showed me was white and small with a porch on the front of it. It was a two story house and I felt this was his way of showing me where he lived when someone asked if he rode his horse to the tavern to drink.

He then indicated to me that he walked there because it was not that far. I got a few more blinks on the meter as we talked about drinking being the way he lost his wife. He seemed so sad to me. I could feel his sadness.

The team agreed to go on to the basement and the lower level vault area, as we were heading into the large vault there I sensed another man, his name was Richard…he made that very clear to me. In that area I felt lightheaded and dizzy, somewhat sick to my stomach, had trouble breathing, and I became very claustrophobic. I decided at that point to travel out of the area with Brenda who was feeling some of these same symptoms.

We talked as we walked about how I had thought I saw someone inside the locked fence area. I was unable to get any messages or response from whom or whatever was inside there, if anything was there at all. It could have been mice making noise and shadows of light from where I was standing.

Before we headed back up the stairs I told Brenda the names I had gotten and that I felt that Ralph was a bank robber or somehow involved with a robbery, I was not sure if it was at this bank. I told her that one of the staff had told me about Clyde, the same person as Clyde, from the team of Bonnie and Clyde, had robbed this bank and that it was the first bank he ever robbed and that the staff member had told me it was before Clyde was with Bonnie.

I told her at this point that I was sure Ray had something to do with this whole thief/robbery thing as well but I wasn’t sure what his or Ralph’s roles were in that particular robbery. Brenda said that there was info in the vault area on the wall near the restrooms. I had not actually made it into there because the outer vault door and how much energy seemed to be attached to the handle of the door distracted me.

I felt strong fear when I touched the door, as though someone was scared for his or her life and had maybe been locked into the vault. I told Brenda about this as we headed up to that area to look at the information of which she spoke. She wanted to check one of the names; she told me she thought that Ralph Fults was one of the names on those lists.

When we got up there I felt somewhat short of breath and that fear feeling again. I did not see or hear anyone but that panic feeling was very strong there, especially inside. Brenda found the info on the pictures and told me that indeed Ralph Fults was a partner in the robbery with Clyde. I am still unsure about Raymond (Ray); I know that he was a thief but not sure, that he had anything to do with this particular robbery.

As the group decided it was time to “wrap it up” I felt more and more drawn to the idea of driving by to see if maybe that house that Charles had shown me was still in the area of Massachusetts Street, or if it would at least look familiar to me. David T. (my husband) agreed to drive me by there after the investigation since we live here in Lawrence to see if I could get anything.

As we all packed up to leave, I was asked to step into the ladies room and share what I felt. I guess some other women on the team had felt something in there and wanted to know if I got anything. As soon as I stepped into the ladies room, I could sense a woman crying and pacing frantically back and forth. She was extremely scared. I felt that scared feeling and that sense of panic as if it was my own. She did not seem to notice me there, almost as if an imprint of her spirit was permanently there. Most in the paranormal field call this “residual”; I believe it is the energy imprint that is left in a moment of traumatic experience or routine activity. Certain objects, stones, wood, etc. will hold this energy forever until cleansed, smudged, and/or blessed properly.

After leaving we did drive by, if indeed in the late 1800’s early 1900’s the city limits did end where the park is today on Massachusetts Street, I would say the house would have been near or right on the corner of 13th and Massachusetts. Today there is an office-building parking lot where it may have been. To get an idea as to what the house I envisioned looked like you can drive passed the Castle Tea Room and look at the second house on the right, it looks almost identical, although the porch seemed larger in my vision and of course, the yard was more open with no other houses around it.

Photo by Blake Allen, KPRS investigator evidence photo.

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