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Lena Townsend is a Registered Metaphysical Practitioner (RMP) with the World Metaphysical Association (WMA). Lena also serves as a Membership Coordinator on the WMA Executive Board of Directors. She is a Certified Tarot Master and has been reading Tarot for over ten years. Lena is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Ordained Minister. You may also find Lena writing as the Topeka Psychic Examiner on Examiner.com or working on various projects relating to her many intrests.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Awakening your inner-psychic

This is a photo of a card from the
Soul Cards2 deck by Deborah Koff-Chapin 
The fact is, all people, whether they believe themselves to be or not, have the ability to awaken their inner-psychic and allow it to enhance their life and the lives of those around them. Once a person becomes aware of their personal abilities, they can do anything they set their mind to, believe in, and work hard toward achieving. They can increase their abilities through regular practice and learning.

The first step in awakening the inner-psychic is to “Accept” that anything is possible and that there is a reason for everything. One must believe in them and their abilities or they cannot make them work to their advantage.

The next step is to “Allow” the abilities to work in their own life. They must trust that the abilities can enhance their life and the lives of others and begin using those skills. To acknowledge that they have abilities is not enough; one must allow things to happen, as they will.

Once the psychic begins to use the skills, “Accept”, and “Allow” their gifts into their life, the next step is to “Practice” each skill on a regular basis. The more the skills are used the more fine-tuned they will become. It is in a way like building muscles, if you do not workout each day you will not be as finely defined, as you want to be.

There is one final step to take in making the psychic abilities all that they can be; that is to continue to “Learn” new skills. It is also important to learn new ways to use the skills that already exist within you. There is a lot to learn and experience in all areas of life, it is a constant journey and along the way, new technologies and advances come from those that continue to dream and to learn.

With these steps, a new world of possibility is opened to the individual. These are simple, easy to remember steps that most of us hear from a very young age, it is merely a matter of choosing to use these steps in your life to make it better, in all areas.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Embracing The Magick Within

The alarm goes off, you jump out of bed and begin the day. As the morning begins to unfold before your eyes what do you see? Is it the mounds of errands that are planned for the day? Is it that annoying person that you work with that you cannot seem to hide from no matter how hard you try?
Now is the time to take a moment out and look to the Magick that lives within. It isn’t time to panic or be angry about all that you have to do, it isn’t time to stress that everything may go wrong today. Now is the time to see the light that is clouded by the darkness of anxiety and fear.

It is amazing the difference taking a few moments first thing in the morning can do for increasing the positives in ones day. For example, when your feet first touch the floor say thank you to Spirit for the blessings in your life. One for each foot. Then as you comb your hair, look into the mirror and talk about how smoothly things are going to go today.

If you work outside of the home, smile at each person you pass, count in your mind how many smiles you receive in return and believe that each of those smiles is out of friendship. Tell yourself how blessed you are to have so many friends.

Okay, I admit that we all have days that things do not turn out as we would like them to, but I can also tell you from personal experience that for each positive you send out, you shall surely get three in return. When the good outweighs the bad you are working from your inner-spirit, from the light inside of you, from the Magick within.

As you share the magick that lives within you, it grows bringing more light into your life; Activities become less strenuous, food tastes better, and the world seems to be more at peace. As you begin to embrace this magickal energy inside of you, your life will begin to mirror the image of your soul. The lighter the spirit the lighter the world around you becomes.

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction, we have all seen the ads that say, “Anything is possible“ from one that is loaded with money, but the fact is, the Law of Attraction works with the magick that lives within us, the faith that we can do all we want to do, and the willingness to step out of our shell and allow Spirit/ The Universe to bring it to us.

Each person is born with the ability to sense things of importance in their life, for example an infants instinct to cry out in hunger. The psychic that resides in all of us has given us the sense to feel what is good or bad for us, to know danger lurks around the corner so to avoid that path, or to sense the hurt of a child when they are away from home. Some of us have experienced that feeling that we have lived a certain moment before, or the knowing that someone was going to visit or call; all of these things are examples of some psychic ability.

Psychic abilities, the Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Faith can all work together to enhance our lives if we will only allow them too. The first step is to acknowledge them, to show faith in the idea that anything is possible. The next step is allowing them to work in your life; taking action and steps to get what we want out of life. Then we must allow all of these positive energies to flow through us.

There is a down side to everything but why dwell on it, what does it give you? If you prefer to live a life of happiness you can not allow sadness to rule you. For those that are miserable and choose to stay that way the down side here is that happiness can creep in. The down side for those that wish to live a happier and healthier life, you may find that negative friends begin to disappear from around you.

Those negative people that choose to remain negative will not want to be around someone that is happy, busy, and living because you are no longer focusing on their depression and negativity. You are no longer feeling pity for them so they must find someone else to join in their misery. This doesn’t sound like too bad of an outcome for you, but it is definitely a loss for them. Hopefully one day, those friends, will follow the example you have set and find their own inner-light. Hopefully those friends will eventually embrace the magick within just as you have done.

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise
Photo by Paul Rockers

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset