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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean miners being rescued is a miracle beyond measure

Headlines all over the television and the internet are talking about the miraculous rescue of 33 Chilean miners; Topeka and Lawrence are no exception. People all around the world are watching as the miners that have been trapped under ground in Chile are rescued one by one.

After being trapped a mile beneath the surface for ten long weeks the first of the 33 trapped miners made their way to freedom as the world watched on television and the internet. At last count eleven had surfaced and efforts continue to bring the rest to safety.

Their inspiring story is being broadcast through the feeds on the internet and Facebook is filled with status messages about the faith, hope, love and prayers that helped carry these miners through the long frightening days.

They pulled together as a team and shared their resources while the world above them prayed for their safe return to their families and friends. Even when it seemed hopeless the workers and miners never gave up. The miners continued to work together to keep one another alive and calm.

Now they are being rescued as the world is witness to the miracle that all things are possible in faith. Their story is one to make the rest of us stop and think about what is really important and remember that so much more gets done when we stick together.

Prayers of thanks go out to Spirit from around the globe and to the workers that spent numerous hours working to bring these men back to the surface.

May each of us be thankful for all that we have, all that we are given, and all that will be as we rejoice in this miracle. May each life be filled with peace, light, love, and ever continuing faith as we journey forward into the future.

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