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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mastering the Tarot with local area writer and certified Tarot Master Instructor, Dawn Rothwell Grey

Mastering the art of Tarot can be a long and difficult process if attempting to do it on your own. Dawn Rothwell Grey, Certified Tarot Master Instructor, offers a complete course to help you work your way through from Tarot reader to Master Level Tarot Reader and to do it in an easy manner.
“Mastering the Tarot: A Complete Home Study Course” is intended to take the student through each step of mastering the Tarot in a way that will allow the student to fully develop their skills and understanding in their own way and at their own pace.

Upon completion of the manual you will be a Tarot Master and able to obtain a certificate from Dawn stating that you have completed this Master level course.

Dawn is highly accredited as are her courses. Her training and personal experiences have guided her in providing this course and many others to the public. Best of all, she makes them affordable to all that have the calling to pursue a spiritual path.

Throughout the course Dawn takes the student through each card and the basics as well as the in depth description based on numerology, astrology, and the history of the Tarot. She explains in detail the way to build your very own tarot journal and how to put each reading in story form so it is easily understood by the client.
The course focuses on the symbolic meanings of the cards and how they relate to the daily lives of the clients. She also covers the ideas, thoughts, and spreads as she leads the student through the manual with exercises to help develop those skills from one level to the next.

She even includes the story of the Major Arcana or the “Journey of the Fool” and how to write your own story based on your own experiences. She will guide you through finding keywords and phrases to help you learn and develop into the most skillful reader you can be.

Dawn discusses in detail how to approach a reading with a set code of ethics and standard practices to avoid possible lawsuits. Students learn to increase their credibility with writing articles, spreads, books, and instruction manuals of their own all while developing their own techniques.

Everything within the pages of this well written and detailed manual will prove to be useful to both beginning and advanced Tarot Readers. It is recommended that each student study “Insight Tarot” also by Dawn, as this book is equivalent to the prequel of “Mastering the Tarot: A Complete Home Study Course.”

Dawn includes contact information in the event that the student needs extra assistance or has questions regarding the course in each copy of the manual.

For more information on this and other courses designed and instructed by Dawn Rothwell Grey visit the Reiki Rays Institute website.

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