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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finding the Perfect Tarot Deck

There are so many different Tarot decks on the market these days? How does one decide which deck is the right deck?

It is not wrong to have more than one deck on hand but it would be silly to have a deck that does not fit your needs or skill level. An example of this would be, an inexperienced reader trying to read with a blank deck. Yes, it is possible to read with a deck that has no pictures but it would not be practical for someone that has no knowledge of the Tarot to consider starting with this type of deck. The best deck to start with would be one that offers numerous symbols and pictures in order to illustrate the full meaning of the card.

This being said, the first step to consider would be your skill level. The next step would be to figure out the purpose, or what the cards will be used for. You may want a deck that works wonders for meditation, nearly any deck can be used for that but one that is associated with Spirit guides or Animal Totems may be best for this. For regular readings it is usually best to stick to a deck of 78 cards broke down into the groups of Major and Minor Arcana.

The next step in picking out the perfect deck, and one of the most important, is to consider the way the deck feels to you. If at all possible hold the deck in your hand. Even if you plan to get the deck online, try to picture yourself holding the deck, visualize it in your hand. Feel the energy of the deck, does it feel good to you, are you drawn to it by more than just the design that is on it? Allow yourself a moment to reflect again on your purpose, does it truly fit your need?

Many people share the common thought that it is best to have your deck given to you as a gift. If this is your belief then try this in order to get the perfect deck... When someone asks, "What do you want for your birthday?" Tell them that you want a deck of Tarot cards. Go with them to pick out the deck, actually touch it and feel it, then let them buy it, and remember to be thankful not only for the gift but for the wonderful friend that got it for you.

Another way to get the deck given to you as a gift without a birthday or holiday is to find a friend that is interested in having their own deck. You can make it an afternoon out, lunch, a movie, some shopping, and then of course...off to the bookstore or metaphysical shop to get the deck. You by your friends deck and they buy yours then you give them to one another in celebration of your friendship and spiritual connection. This way of doing things not only adds extra positive energy to the deck but it also gives one a chance to enjoy and celebrate true and lasting friendship.

Some Local Stores That Offer Tarot Decks:

  • Village Witch: 311 N. 2nd Street (785) 856-8777
  • Half Price Books: 1519 W. 23rd Street (785) 856-4253
  • Borders Books, Music, Movies & Cafe: 700 New Hampshire Street (785) 331-3226
  • Hastings Books Music & Videos: 1900 W. 23rd Street (785) 832-0719

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