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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Understanding the message of a dream

Within each dream that one may have are symbols believed to be connected to our conscious world. The symbols, though the meanings may be unclear, are usually very normal aspects of the dream.

Within the dream one may see them self flying free, hoovering just above a field of wildflowers of brilliant color. The colors that stand out may be brilliant purple, red, and white. The flowers are bold and fresh, growing healthy and strong, and slightly dampened with a kiss of dew from the morning. As one glides just above them they feel the wind in their face and caressing their hair, and the sweet smell of the flowers wafts withing that breeze.

Next they are soaring quickly over a lake and seeing the water just below them, the waves caused by the movement of the wind in their flight is like faint ripples and then it swirls into a large spiral and finally a whirlpool as they zip off to their next adventure.

While still in flight they may notice places that they have never seen before and yet feel certain that they have been there. The buildings line the stone streets and the tops of the stairways that lead to areas that are unseen are adorned with stone archways and pillars that are covered in beautiful lush green vines with brilliant orange trumpet flowers bursting to be noticed.

As their flight takes rest the dreamer is in a vineyard filled with row after row of plump red grapes, larger than they have ever seen again softly kissed with the moisture of the morning dew and sparkling to be noticed in the sun against the lush green vines on which they grow. The fruit is full, plump, and enticing though the dreamer does not taste of it.

At the vineyard are banquet hall type tables lined with white lace and linen and covered with a vast array of gourmet foods. Neatly centered on each table are large silver bowls filled with bright, fresh, ripe, fruits. On one table alone there stands rows of crystal stemware and buckets of ice with bottles of wine chilling within them.

As the dreamer reaches for the glass and smells the bouquet that the wine has to offer the dreamer is awakened by the sound of the alarm and the dream fades into the back of the mind but this time does not fade away.

Feeling relaxed and refreshed the dreamer is compelled to find the meaning of the dream and to find the place that this dream may have taken place in. The dreamer feels so alive and motivated, ready for anything. It seems suddenly that dreamer is restless and longing to see the things that were within the dream, to experience in life what they experienced within the dream, the beauty, the nature, the freedom, and life.

This is where one turns to someone that analyzes dreams and asks, "What does it mean?" The dream analyst would now look at each detail of the dream from the way the sky looked, how they flew, to the smell of the wine itself, and from there they would describe the dream in its entirety.

Though no one is absolutely sure how the dream process works there are certain general meanings associated with each symbol within the dream. These meanings may have developed over the years from ancient times or they may be new meanings that have burst out in the New Age but either way they have been proven to be the rule of thumb when it comes to the dream world descriptions.

For example, to dream of a key, depending on the type, size, color and condition of the key, means that some answers are either about to be revealed, are hidden and will remain that way, or are being blatantly ignored by the dreamer in their day to day life. Of course to find the exact meaning we must analyze all aspects of the dream and each individual detail to its fullest extent.

There are numerous books available on the subject from books on how to analyze a dream and books that offer dictionary like lists of definitions for the symbols. Most of these are available for checkout at a local library, online, and at local bookstores.

To find one that interprets dreams in your local area may not be as simple as looking it up in the phone book but there may be local New Age, metaphysical, or pagan shops that may be able to point you in the right direction.

At most every spirit fair across the nation there is at least one reader of this type present, though it may not be listed as their specialty. Intuitive readers, and most psychic mediums can usually offer assistance in dream interpretation as it is a part of the psyche being revealed within the dream.

Some spiritual leaders such as priests and pastors may also be able to offer guidance in this area since the experiences within our dreams are usually carrying a deeper spiritual message that is needing to be revealed.

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