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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magical Night Sky

I remember as a child being fascinated by the magic of the night sky. In school we took a trip to the local planetarium where the dome shaped ceiling filled with pictures and a rumbling voice surrounded us with stories about Earth and the Universe. As Earth turned on its axis and our country grew dark on the screen the dome again was alive with the stars and planets of the Universe. As I watched them carefully I remember thinking how beautiful and magical it seemed and wondering if we could get something like this for my bedroom.

I never really outgrew my passion for the stars and the way the tides move with the changes of the moon. I think as I grew into adulthood I found an even greater love for the sky, both day and night.

Tonight there is a meteor shower caused by a comet passing by and as the earth spins through the particles of the tail of this comet the particles will burn in the Earth's atmosphere causing a light show in the night sky. The Perseid Meteor Shower is believed to be most easily visible by the naked eye tonight and tomorrow night.

During the day we can not see the particles burning in the atmosphere and being disintegrated but at night it is like fireworks in the distance. We can not hear the sounds of them without special equipment but I have heard that the comet sings as it passes the earth. The particles whizzing by are said to make a lovely sound like the sounds of a meditation song.

I can imagine the view from outside the city lights on the open plains of western Kansas...wow, it must be amazing! This would be a great reason, if for no other, to call it "The Land of Awe's." It must look as though the sky meets the Earth in all directions and be absolutely spectacular to see!

For more information on the Perseid Meteor Shower check out the following links:

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