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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dream Analysis: Double Murder? Me? What?

Figuring out what all of it means

It is strange how some nights we can sleep so peaceful and relaxed and other nights our dreams seem to take us to places we never want to be. Some dreams that start out with mundane tasks turn into a nightmare as they progress.

My dream...

I was talking to my insurance man, of all people, and he was telling me that he knew I was guilty. He said, he knew that I had done it and for that he didn't want anything to do with me. In the dream he was not an insurance man, he was an attorney.

I didn't understand, even in the dream, what it was I was supposedly guilty for. I asked and his response was, "I know you murdered those two innocent people. I know you did it so don't try to tell me you didn't. "

In the dream my family and many of my friends were around me. I was trying to pay my bills and do the grocery shopping when the "attorney" approached me in City Hall. I am not sure what that was about but here in Lawrence, City Hall is where the water, trash, and sewer get paid. Myself, I pay those utilities to the landlord when I pay the rent.

My landlord was the one in the dream that I was paying at City Hall. This is definitely not where I normally pay the rent.

When I heard that I was being accused of murder I felt scared because in the dream I knew I wasn't guilty but I didn't know how to prove my innocence.

I am not sure what this dream means but I do know that it must be important because it felt so real to me. When I awoke from the dream I heard my cell phone ringing to let me know I was receiving a text message from a friend, but I was still focused on the dream and trying to figure out exactly what it meant. I was sweating and feeling very anxious.

I can usually figure out what the dreams I have are about but this one has me stumped. I am for the most part very friendly and easy to get along with. Yes, I have a temper if crossed or betrayed, but I don't believe that I could be capable of murder, and in the dream I wasn't guilty, but I had to prove that I wasn't guilty. I didn't actually commit the murders and don't even know who was murdered. In reality, the Constitution, says that we are "innocent until proven guilty" so why was I having to prove my innocence?

I do know that my family and many of my close friends were with me at the City Hall building in the dream so I know it was none of them that were murdered. That is a good thing.

The other thing that was weird about this dream is that I was in City Hall, this is not a place that I go to on a regular basis. I rarely go anywhere at all but when I do, it is not City Hall. I have not actually been in that building for at least six years, maybe longer.

I know that because of the money situation at my house during the summer, I am often over stressed about money and getting the bills paid. My husbands hours get cut during the summer so that explains that part of the dream.

I have consulted a dream dictionary and a dream analysis book and have yet to come up with the answer to what this dream really means. I know that time will tell and that most of it is probably stress related.

For this one, I must meditate and ask Spirit, then wait to see what comes. If anyone has any ideas they would like to share, I would love to hear them.

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