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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling the Frustration

Just because someone has a strong belief in Spirit and they practice the Law of Attraction on a daily basis, that does not mean that they suddenly quit being human. They do not have some magical protection from the tragedies or sufferings of the world, themselves, or others. It simply means that they choose not to focus on the negatives on a constant basis in order to bring about more happiness in their life.

For instance, I am not immune to the pains that the world around me may try to cast upon me. I do have feelings of sadness when someone lies to me or even lies to those that I care about. I have feelings of anger when I am lied to or about.

There are many times in a normal day that I am faced with those "so called friends" that are all about themselves. I am hit in the face with the reality that others may try to bring me down because they are not happy in their own life but this is not a time to give up on my beliefs.

I feel that the most important thing I can do is be honest about how I feel, acknowledge it, and then move past it. The key to making the Law of Attraction work is unwavering faith. That does not mean that we can not feel the hardships of life it means that we need to focus on the good and let go of the hardships.

There are three major ingredients that must go into the mix if one wants the Law of Attraction to work and last; one is faith, one is diligence, and the other is gratitude. If we are faith driven and can ask for what we want with the knowledge that it can be ours and believe that it can, it will happen. Next, we must put in the honest effort by taking the necessary steps to getting the goal accomplished, and through it all we must be truly thankful for all we have and all that will come to us in the future.

This does not make us inhuman or supernatural, we are just determined that there is more to life than misery. We choose to see the happiness and joy as opposed to seeing all of the negativity's that surround us.

I see in people the possibility of failure but I choose to hope that they will be successful. I choose to encourage them instead of discouraging them. I choose to be positive instead of negative. More than anything I choose to put out to the world what I would like to have returned to me.

Yes, I feel the frustrations, but I choose to live, laugh, love, and make great memories, instead.

May peace, light, and love find all that read these words. Please know that the positives of life are not as hard to find as living with the negatives can be. ~ Smiles from Lena

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