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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thanking Soldiers Past and Present for Our Freedom

As the Independence Day weekend is officially upon us I find myself thinking of how thankful I am to have the Freedom that I have here in the United States of America. For instance, as a writer, I am free to speak my mind through my writing. As a human I am given the opportunity to choose my religion, to choose where I go and when, and the freedom to protect my family.

It is hard for me to celebrate this FREEDOM without thinking of the many that have come before us and and given their life in order to protect and preserve that FREEDOM. It is hard not to think of the families that have lost fathers,husbands, sons, mothers, wives, and daughters to the tragedy of war.

I hope that everyone that celebrates this weekend will spend a moment in silence for them all. To show our deepest respect and honor to them and their families. I hope that as this moment is spent honoring those that have died we can all remember those that continue to serve and that we pray for their safe return to the country they are protecting and the FREEDOM that they continue to provide. I pray that they are quickly and safely reunited with their families.

To all of those that have served and continue to serve to preserve our FREEDOM.... Thank you!

May Peace, Light, and Love find you all this weekend and always. Happy Independence Day from Lena

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