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Lena Townsend is a Registered Metaphysical Practitioner (RMP) with the World Metaphysical Association (WMA). Lena also serves as a Membership Coordinator on the WMA Executive Board of Directors. She is a Certified Tarot Master and has been reading Tarot for over ten years. Lena is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Ordained Minister. You may also find Lena writing as the Topeka Psychic Examiner on Examiner.com or working on various projects relating to her many intrests.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tarot Whispers By Lena

I have been reading Tarot for over ten years, actually it has been closer to fifteen years now. I have been an Ordained Minister since 2005 and received my certification for reading Tarot in 2007. I recently became registered with the World Metaphysical Association (WMA) as a Registered Metaphysical Practitioner (RMP).

When I was a teenager I read playing cards but did not fully understand the connection between that and Tarot. When I discovered Tarot I decided that I needed to try reading and I asked for a deck as a birthday gift. I requested that a book be a part of the gift as well because I really had no idea how it worked.

I chose the deck but my husband bought it for me as a birthday gift. I choose the "Morgan-Greer" deck and still use them to this day. Of course the deck I use now is not the original deck I got that year, those have long since fallen apart from over usage. I still prefer to work with that deck even though I have a few different ones around.

For the first year I worked with the book all of the time. After that I started realizing my answers, my thoughts were more accurate then the book and began to stick strictly to my own insight for reading.

As the years passed I had a pretty large list of people that I read for on a regular basis and it continues to grow even today. Most people believe my readings to be relaxed and comfortable even if it is their first time being read.

I do not read on Sunday or on Tuesday. When I am asked "why not Sunday" I tell them, "I am a mother of four and a wife, that day is for my family." My oldest son lived with his father growing up and that was my visitation day with him, we made it a special day." And "why not Tuesday," that one is a little more difficult to explain. Some people have a hard time starting the week off, or getting to work on Monday's, well, for me, it was always Tuesday that was my rough day and though it may be "all in my head" I don't want to take a chance on giving someone an inaccurate reading because I am having a bad day.

So, I do read the rest of the week. I prefer to not read before 8 am or after 10pm. I ask for a $25 donation when I read that helps me cover the cost of candles, incense, stones, crystals, salt, herbs, and oils, as I often give those types of things to the person I am reading for if they are in need and I use them when I read. The money also helps with the cost of books and studies as I am still learning new things everyday, for example, I want to take a course in Reiki. I believe that if would be helpful to many that I read for as well as myself, my family, and my wonderful little dog, Toby.

If you would like to know more about my readings or are interested in having one done please feel free to contact me by email at topekapsychicexaminer@hotmail.com. I will gladly answer to the best of my ability and we will work something out on the readings.

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